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Custom Feathers is owned and operated by Mr. David Mitchell, an avid archer and outdoorsman in Chillicothe MO USA. Starting in 1995, Mr. Mitchell began by manufacturing natural-barred arrow fletching for primitive, traditional and modern arrow makers. Since then the business has expanded into supplying not only material for archery, but wild turkey feathers for crafts of all kinds, fly-fishing, painted turkey feathers, feathers for Native American Indian regalia and taxidermy. We also supply ringnect pheasant pelts, tail clumps and tail feathers. We recently started selling feathers from unusual domestic turkey breeds, we plan on expanding our stock of these beautiful feathers. You never know where our feathers are going to turn up, some of them were used in the recent movie which was a remake of the Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp. All of Custom Feathers products come from legally taken wild and domestic birds.