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Custom Feathers realizes that shipping charges are high. We want you to be happy with our shipping charges, because a happy customer is one that returns to buy again. Calculating shipping charges is not an exact science, but we try to get it as close as we possibly can, we don't want you to pay any more than you have to. So here is our iron clad guarantee: We will refund ANY and ALL shipping overcharges that are reported. We realize that errors in shipping charges happen, some beyond our control. There are legitimate reasons for postage overages to happen. If you feel that our shipping charges are in excess, for fastest service, immediately after placing an order, please text: David: please review my shipping charges for the order that I placed with Custom Feathers (please supply you name). His cell phone number is 660-247-2738. You may also email him at Please do so before 2 PM so that you order can be processed the same day. We will review and text you the results. You may accept the review and verify the order and we will refund any overages or you may refuse the review and cancel your entire order, no questions asked. If you do not respond to the review by 2 PM, the order will be held till the next day.
David Mitchell


We try to ship as soon after the order is paid for as is practical. Normal processing time is 24 hours. All US orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail service unless otherwise stated and will usually be recieved within 2 - 3 days after shipment. Normal turn around is 3-5 days. If you haven't recieved your order in 10 days, PLEASE email us so we may invistigate the matter. All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation.


There are a few items that we will be able to ship by first class. First class shipping will be limited to one product only but can be multiple quantities of one product if it will remain within the weight limits. The first class option will be listed in our product catalog just below the add to cart button as a buy now button.


Ballon fees rarely happen at Custom Feathers unless you have an unusually large order, but..... when they do, this is what they are:
Balloon fees are fees assessed by shippers when the size of the container exceeds 1 cubic foot in zones 5 and above, and can not be determined until the items are packaged and the container is measured. These are fees that are beyond our control and this is our attempt to insure that you will pay no more in shipping fees than is required. Please place your order. We will temporarily pack your container and determine what the balloon fees are and send you a paypal payment request. You can either send the balloon payment or decline the extra charges by texting for fastest service to David at 660-247-2738 or by responding to You have our guaranteed assurance that the transaction will be cancelled and all your funds will be returned to you immediately if you do not wish to complete the transaction. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
Custom Feathers



This buy now button is provided for our customers to take advanatage of first class shipping rate for 1 or any quantity in the dropdown menu. To qualify for this rate the total weight must be under 1 lb. If you wish to buy a larger quantity, or add this product to another order, please use the add to cart button. Using the add to cart button for this product with an existing order will not add any extra shipping container weight to your order. International customer info Here

Uncut and die-cut fletching are shipped in a small flat rate priority box to maintain the fletchings integrity. A quantity of 4 orders will comfortably fit in this box. If you order a larger quantity, there "may" be extra postage required.


We are currently taking orders from international customers in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France. If your country is not serviced, please email us and let us know you wish to buy from us, and we will initiate the service.
International customers may use any of the purchase buttons except those that are marked domestic only. If you wish to use First Class International Package Service for these items, you may do so by using the add to cart button for any of those items that are labeled Domestic First Class only, and then selecting International Economy (First Class, if button is available) for your country at checkout. We currently extend this service to our Canadian customers only, but if you are interested in First class International Service, please inform us of your desire. First class International Service does not include insurance or tracking, and is restricted to one product per transaction only. The maximum quantity you can purchase is the same number that is in the domestic drop down list. This is the maximum quantity we can get in a first class package. Please observe the maximum quantity limits. If you go over 16 oz. you will pay Priority International rates. You must accept responsibility for the International First Class package in an email to David Mitchell at: or text to: 660-247-2738. If you accept responsitilbity for the package he will respond by supplying you with a certificate of mailing for the package, if you request that service. If you are buying any other product, you must use the add to cart button and select International Priority service for your country at checkout. We have just started International service. If your country is not listed, let us know, and we will initiate service to your country. There are two pages of items that have free domestic shipping. These products are pre-tail skirts, bronze flats and body feathers. If purchasing them to be shipped First Class International Package Service, please limit your purchase to 1 item and a quantity of 2, You may purchase more in any combination by selecting International Priority Air at checkout. Thank you for visiting our website.

When you purchase CUSTOM FEATHERS products, you may see a white powder on the products or in the packaging. This is normal and it is used in processing wild turkey parts. As parts are removed from the wild turkey carcus (wings, tails, beards, feet etc.) as much flesh and fat is physically removed as possible. Immediately after fleshing, boarax, a white powder is applied to the fleshed area. This serves as a very effecient drying agent and also protects from pests invading the fleshed area. Borax is a harmeless powder found in most laundry sections of your local grocery store. It is one of the main ingredients found in laundry powder. You may shake, brush with a fine bristled brush or lightly vacuum to remove this powder.