About Us

A Service Company

Custom Feathers offers a wide variety of wild turkey feathers and turkey related products for sale. We primarily offer feathers from the Eastern subspecies of wild turkey and now offer Rio Grande and Merriam's turkey tail feathers in limited quantities. Our clientel include arrow builders both primitive and modern, native American regalia crafters, fly-tiers, artists, taxidermists, florists and other hobbyists.


Custom Feathers is owned and operated by Mr. David Mitchell, an avid archer and outdoorsman in Chillicothe, MO USA. Started in 1995, Mr. Mitchell began by manufacturing natural-barred arrow fletching for primitive, traditional and modern arrow builders.

Future Goals

Custom Feathers goal is to expand our customer base by continuing to offer a large variety of products. We intend to expand our offering in the fly-tying and native American craft industries in the near future.