Shipping Information
Instructions for US customers
and Hunters wishing to sell raw product to Custom Feathers


Balloon fees are fees assessed by shippers when the size of the container exceeds 1 cubic foot in zones 5 and above, and can not be determined until the items are packaged and the container is measured. These are fees that are beyond our control and this is our attempt to insure that you will pay no more in shipping fees than is required. Please place your order. We will temporarily pack your container and determine what the balloon fees are and send you a paypal payment request. You can either send the balloon payment or decline the extra charges by responding to You have our guaranteed assurance that the transaction will be cancelled and all your funds will be returned to you immediately if you do not wish to complete the transaction. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
Custom Feathers


We try to ship as soon after the order is paid for as is practical. Normal processing time is 48 hours. All US orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail service unless otherwise stated and will usually be recieved within 2 - 3 days after shipment. Normal turn around is 4-5 days. If you haven't recieved your order in 10 days, PLEASE email us so we may invistigate the matter. All orders are shipped with delivery confirmation. You may add insurance to your order CLICK HERE if you desire, it is optional.


We are happy to serve our International customers from around the world. We now have service to many countries in Europe and Canada. We will be adding more service to other countries if we get the request to do so. All orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail International which includes insurance. Normal processing time is 48 hours. Your order should be recieved within 5-10 days after shipment. Please email us if you haven't recieved your package after 10 days so we may investigate the matter. Sometimes there are circumstances which we are not aware of preventing your order from being delivered in a timely fashion. Sometimes, we are not aware that your package has not arrived. We thank you for your patronage.

We no longer take internationa orders through the PayPal shopping cart. The US Postal System has divided international shipping into 17 zones, up from 8. It is impractical for us to maintain a data base of 17 shipping zones. Please go to our catalog link in the main menu and follow instructions there. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


There are a few items that we will be able to ship by first class. First class shipping will be limited to one product only but can be multiple items of one product if it will remain within the weight limits. The first class option will be listed in our product catalog just above the add to cart button. We have just began this service and will be adding more products to the first class option list. You may add insurance to your first class order.


If you wish to sell your turkey parts and feathers to Custom Feathers, there is a price list on the "we buy" page and a video showing how to care for every aspect of your wild turkey after the havest, how to preserve turkey parts for use or sale and shipment to Custom feathers: here