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Hunters,Taxidermists,Trappers,Outfitters & Producers: We are constantly looking for sources of raw material in the form of turkey wings, whole tails and loose wing and tail feathers from wild turkeys and/or domesticated bronze and white turkey varieties. If you have access to large quantities of turkey parts and/or feathers, Custom Feathers wants to purchase these from you as long as they are in a reasonably clean condition with no bug damage or flaws that keep them from being useable. Please visit the "We Buy" section for pricing details and videos.
Custom Feathers encourages and promotes the sale and purchase of items made in the U.S.A. Please do your part to keep America strong by asking for and buying products made here in the U.S.A.

Hunters: Check out the newest addition to our product line. Custom Feathers is now an authorized dealer for "The Turkey Tail Saver" Click here for more info or select it from our main menu. Chuck Younke and his team is now our partner in the promotion of wild turkey parts and associated products.

Custom Feathers is owned and operated by Mr. David Mitchell, an avid archer and outdoorsman in Chillicothe, MO USA. Started in 1995, Mr. Mitchell began by manufacturing natural-barred arrow fletching for primitive, traditional and modern arrow makers. Since then the business has expanded into supplying not only material for archery, but wild turkey feathers for crafts of all kinds, fly-fishing, painted turkey feathers, feathers for Native American Indian regalia and taxidermy. All of Custom Feathers products come from legally taken wild turkeys. We buy or trade turkey feathers directly from turkey hunters, turkey hunting clubs, taxidermists and turkey processing establishments throughout the United States. We have even been known to trade our raw feathers for your completed crafts.

Know your state laws concerning wild game parts. It may be illegal to sell or trade wild game parts in your state.

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